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  • The Beauty House
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The Bees Brilliance brand was created in Brightwater, Nelson, NZ in 2015. The premise was to create skincare by women in the community, for women. We were tired of products with lots of complicated ingredients and skincare routines. So we decided to provide a new option of simple, clean products with no fuss."We're proud to make a high quality range of clean skincare & wellness products owned and 100% made in New Zealand. We make sure nature and science aren't separate, they work together to meet the needs of consumers. This allows us to create products that are safe to use and perform as effectively as the synthetic equivalent." - Julene Cropp


We are the only stockist in New Zealand who sells Little Fox Lip-balms which are the holy grail of coldsore solutions. The lip-balms are only made with organically produced and plant-based ingredients and are not tested on animals, meaning they contain no nasties and are vegan and cruelty free. If you suffer from cold sores, dry lips, wind-chapped lips and breakouts this is the perfect product for you.

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