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Bella Vi’s natural Collagen Boosting Serum draws on the collective results obtained from innovative studies and research carried out by cosmetologists, dermatologists and an international university to ensure the ability to provide a product with advanced performance in your anti-aging beauty routine.

Collagen Boosting intensive treatment serum stimulates the skin’s synthesis working at a cellular level to help the self-healing capacity of the fibroblast  helping to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin to help correct the conditions that cause wrinkles and signs of aging in the very first instance. 


Through the use of innovative technologies our bio-active ingredients are rapidly absorbed into the skin and made available to help perform skin revitalizing and rejuvenating through a multi-directional lifting effect both immediate and delayed.
Bella Vi’s anti-ageing collagen boosting serum provides light diffusing soft focus technology & soothing bio-transformed botanical extracts for a more youthful appearance.

Bio-active phytonutrient ‘Organic’ Lycopene an micro-encapsulated in vegetable ceramides  helps brings effective anti-aging - anti-radical, skin dermal reparative properties.

Bio-technology Phytocelltec Argan extract encapsulated into liposomes. Shown to reduce wrinkles by (– 26%), the first cosmetic active with proven results for protecting and vitalizing dermal stem cells with deep-seated rejuvenation of the skin to help with anti-aging. Encapsulated into liposomes are capable of holding ingredients and releasing them after the liposome is absorbed into the skin. Liposomes are microscopic lipids (fat)


Bio-Technology Hyaluronic acid (Sodium hyaluronateEssential for the structure of the extracellular matrix in the skin.
Light diffusing soft focus technology The visible blurring of wrinkles by scattering refracted light from the skin.


Retinyl palmitate (Vitamin A), effective antioxidant,  helps improve collagen production and plumps skin, helping smooth out fine lines.


Enriched with nourishing Manuka Honey, Traditional Chinese Herbs, Vitamin E, Coenzyme Q10

Bella Vi Collagen Boosting Serum

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