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Get glowing with Bella Vi luminous Blush.

3 gorgeous shades:

Cool Suede, Rosewood Matt, Radiant Apricot.


Add a touch of silky natural pure mineral pigment to brighten up any complexion.
Bella Vi’s beautiful mineral powder blushers are very concentrated, you only need to use a tiny amount to get amazing lasting colour.


  • Gold Winner of Clean Standards™ Award (Health + Science + Nature —Partnership For The Future™) celebrating the best health & beauty products of the year. (BEST CLEAN Blusher)


*Certified Made Safe Non-Toxic 

*Certified Toxic Free   

*Allergy Certified= free from key allergens and/or restricted chemicals


Cruelty free / No genetically modified ingredients / Does not contain Bismuth Oxychloride or Parabens.


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