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3 gorgeous long burning NZ made aromotherapy candles in the Great Barrier Island Bee range.

Our candles are hand poured with a unique blend of soy and natural beeswax, providing a long burning and intensely fragrant experience. Enjoy!


#This uplifting aroma is inspired by the islands vibrant red Pohutukawa flowers with a fusion of fresh Paw Paw from the surrounding Pacific Islands.


#Relax and indulge with this harmonising Pacific-styled aroma which is inspired by Great Barrier Island's beautiful yellow native Kowhai flowers with a blend of subtle vanilla.


#Enjoy this revitalising & zesty Pacific styled aroma which is inspired by the islands sub-tropical Hibiscus flowers found along the coast, combined with a burst of fresh lime.


Great Barrier Island Bee Co Fragrant Candles

  • Soy wax, Fragrance, Beeswax.

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