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Lightweight, flexible, and crafted from soft-medical-grade silicone.


A professional ‘On-the Go’ Glow, with two clinically proven wavelengths of red light and near Infra-Red to stimulate collagen and elastin production.

Ordinary home use LED face masks don't fit close to the skin, keeping the light source from reaching the subcutaneous tissue. The Radiance Flex silicone mask sits right on the skin, allowing the light source to reach the deeper layers. Unlike other uncomfortable hard shell LED face masks that sit too far off your face, the Radiance Flex LED MASK is made from super soft, flexible silicone that molds gently to each unique face shape. This full face-fitting mask feels like a second skin and ensures that the LED lights can reflect more closely to your skin (approx.0.3-1cm as opposed to the standard 3 -10cm).

The fit ensures the light bulbs penetrate directly to each angle of your face and fits your face

shape effortlessly.

Simple, yet oh-so-powerful and effective
Suitable for all skin types 


General recommendation: use 3-5 times a week for around 15-30 minutes, and expect to see visible skin improvement in around 4 weeks. Consistent and daily use will provide you with revitalized skin!


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