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We invented a body wash that's as awesome and cute as you! You'll feel amazing and prove unicorns exist with the Unicorn Fluff Whipped Body Wash. The best thing about it is how smooth and sweet it is, and how fun it is to use. With plant-based goodness and a bubblegum scent, this self-care shower starts your day on the right foot. It's like nothing else!



  • A gentle combination of Sunflower Oil and Coconut Oil.
  • This whipped body wash can even care for sensitive skin thanks to its antioxidant vitamin E. 
  • Retains moisture and has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • A gentle formula without parabens or cheap surfactants.
  • Using one teaspoon of Vanilla Scented Whipped Body Wash on a sponge, your hands or your pouf is sufficient to clean your body.


Directions: Scoop and lather a teaspoon amount of body wash mousse between your hands to create a foam. Use to wash your entire body in the bath or shower for cleansed, nourished skin.


Top Tip: Use me with a loofah, body sponge or face towel for a bubblier cleansing experience. The mousse makes for an amazing shaving foam!


How to store: Store with the lid on and use within 12 months

Unicorn Fluff Whipped Body Wash Mousse (200mls)

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