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Try Our Assessment Questionnaire -


Are you bothered by:

  • Your vulva itching?
  • Your vulva burning or stinging?
  • Your vulva hurting?
  • Your vulva being irritated?
  • Your vulva being dry?
  • Discharge from your vulva or vagina?
  • Odor from your vulva or vagina?
  • Vulvar discomfort when walking or sitting?
  • Vulvar symptoms affecting your desire to be intimate?
  • The effects of your vulvar symptoms on your sexual relationships?
  • Your vulvar symptoms causing pain during sexual activity?
  • Your vulvar symptoms causing dryness during sexual activity?
  • Your vulvar symptoms causing bleeding during sexual activity?

If you answered yes to more than one of these questions you may benefit from LYV’s V-Hydrate.


This soft delicate cream soothes and moistens dry and sensitive internal tissues. Gentle and calming, the preparation has been formulated with hydrating and healing ingredients in order to assist with the symptoms of atrophic vaginitis and other causes of vaginal soreness or irritation.


Hyaluronic Acid is the universal water binding molecule which hydrates all tissues and Rosehip, Argon and Evening Primrose Oils are all famous for their skin soothing and nourishing effects. The formulation also contains ingredients known to replenish skin, reduce inflammation, improve circulation and deter microbes. Lightly fragranced with natural ingredients and adjusted to the normal vaginal acidity, LYV V-Hydrate is soothing and rejuvenating.


Used regularly it can help to improve comfort and function.
Not intended for use as a stand alone lubricant.



V - Hydrate (LYV - Love Your Vagina) 30mls

  • LYV Forever is a company dedicated to improving womens’ health and comfort. It was born out of need and is continually reaching to do more. LYV stands for Love Your Vagina, and it is not just coincidence that the initials sound like “live”!

    Both female directors of the company have a personal interest in treating women for atrophic vaginitis and have pursued solutions relentlessly.

    Australian Made.

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